The Erasable Whiteboard Notebook


The Erasable Whiteboard Notebook

Enjoy your freedom, no mistakes are permanent

Enjoy the unrestrained freedom to write, draw, and unleash your creativity in this notebook! Made a mistake? Simply erase them because you can!

Explaining through illustrations

Quickly illustrate your points to your clients. You know it - customers like it when you explain complex solutions/products through illustrations on your paper notepad. Take this a notch up with Undo Notebook now.

Express, Draw and Erase anywhere

Everyone has the desire to express and draw something. Designers need to sketch out concepts and convey something in 'plain english'. Programmers need to line out their pseudocode logic. Even kids need to 'unleash' their curiosity sometime. This is the perfect gift for any occasions and uses.

A simple life hack that makes working more enjoyable

If you're always striking off what you wrote, or feel 'anxious' because the page runs out of space and you need to 'squeeze' everything in, you are probably not using the correct medium to express yourself. We face these issues ourselves and so we ask, why not a 'portable' whiteboard? Undobook is thus born; in Singapore, and it's on a mission to delight everyone who owns it.

the erasable whiteboard notebook
  • ⋅ Includes 2 black markers with erasers
  • ⋅ A4 size
  • ⋅ Wire binding
  • ⋅ Totally blank sheets
  • ⋅ Delivery included
  • ⋅ Ships within Singapore only

SGD$ 21 / notebook

get it in 2 business days

What Some Owners Say

"I am using it for my design work now. This notebook really helps to keep the flow going. I still prefer using a 'writing' material to a tablet or laptop so this is a good replacement for my pencil and paper. Of course it's not a 100% replacement for everything but for the stuff it replace, it works 100% great!"

- Yihong, Senior Digital Designer